Service in close proximity to the end product

Gröditzer Werkzeugstahl Burg GmbH

As a GMH Gruppe company, Gröditzer Werkzeugstahl Burg GmbH supplies high-quality tool steel, produced predominantly at Schmiedewerke Gröditz. Steels are also mechanically processed to ensure they fulfil the exact requirements of the users.

Within the alliance of GMH Gruppe, Werkzeugstahl Burg supports and advises customers at its service centre - from material to delivery, from concept development to implementation. Close collaboration with Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH ensures that customer needs are realised, with services which are precise, fast, reliable and also flexible.

Strong partner for a wide range of products  

Werkzeugstahl Burg offers a broad spectrum of technical and innovative potential and expertise, particularly under the umbrella of GMH Gruppe, and together with Schmiedewerke Gröditz as the leading manufacturer of tool steel in Germany. Our diverse portfolio includes sawn blanks up to a maximum of 35 tonnes, semi-finished tool steel made from forged steel bars as well as precise drilling, milling and sawing in accordance with customer drawings, as well as heat-treated, cold-worked, plastic-mould and die steels, including ESR steels.

Individual top-quality solutions

The consistently high quality and on-time delivery of products is ensured by dedicated employees and our modern facilities and technology. This is also guaranteed by means of a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, and is complemented by an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015​​​​​​​.

Individual solutions instead of off-the-shelf steel products - workpieces weighing up to 35 tonnes and sawn cross sections up to 1,650 millimetres. Our portal and moving-column milling machines with CNC control systems are used to create large tool elements for demanding pre-machining in accordance with your drawings.