Highly customised solutions

Machining & services

We supply steel to our customers exactly as they need it: semi-finished tool steel, sawn blanks produced to precise customer specifications, machined in accordance with individual drawings or as steel in ESR quality. Our powerful machining equipment is designed for workpieces of up to 35 tonnes. We manufacture our high-quality tool and mould steel in close collaboration with Schmiedewerke Gröditz, one of the leading tool steel manufacturers in Germany.

Broad range of products 

Dimension range: 
  • Weight: max. 35 tonnes
  • Dimensions: max. 1,660 x 1,560 x 6,000 mm
Range of products: 
  • Combined tool steel made of forged steel bars and rolled plates, also with transport thread
  • Sawn blanks produced in accordance with customer specifications
  • Workpieces machined in accordance with drawings: sawn, milled, bored, 3-D milling; readable CAD/CAD file formats:DWG, IGES, VDA, DXF, CATIA, Parasolid, STL
  • Steels, also in ESU quality: plastic mould steels, hot-work steels, cold-work steels, die steels

Diverse machining options 

Dimension range: 
  • Horizontal band sawing machines: 1,060 x 1,660 x 6,000 mm
  • Log bandsaws: 1,560 x 1,560 x 4,000 mm
  • Portal milling machines: 1,250 x 3,300 x 5,000 mm
  • CNC boring and milling machines: 1,250 x 2,000 x 6,000 mm
Range of services: 
  • Workpieces of up to 35 tonnes
  • Horizontal band and log band sawing machines for cross sections of up to 1,700 mm
  • Portal and moving-column milling machines with CNC control systems for precision pre-machining of large tool elements in accordance with customer drawings